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Shri & Shrimati B V Chauhan
(Inspire of New Diet System)


                                               HELL TO HEAVEN 

      " I have tried to explore relating "HEALTH". & due to the grace of GOD or as a GOD Gift, I  have gained something which I have tried to distribute to maximum possible.It is my humble request that each & everyone must work on this subject.

     Whatever I have written is not the last & not full & perfect, I may be imperfect. I can just urge everyone to read, try to understand & if convinced, let it be implemented in the life.Even if one is not convinced, he may try for very short period say two to three month & get the results: and then decide whether to follow the new concept or to continue following older concept.Everybody is free to act as per his own wish & will.

     And hence I say that, Don't follow me.

     Follow  Your self- Not the others. The God is within you. you are fully empowered to know all the facts & reality. What is required to do is only review the beliefs. We are bounded by the beliefs given by so called - misinterpreted science & so called - misinterpreted religion.We have burried the beliefs in our mind-in our intellect-in our eyes & then have CLOSED THE DOORS.

     Now it is the high time to review the things; to review the results of the acts based on the beliefs. We may continue all the acts which have given desired results. We must change / revise / revive those beliefs due to which the results of the acts are not found desirable for which let us now " OPEN THE DOORS." Due to false conceptions,we have created HELL on the Earth. By opening the doors of intellect, by changing our thinking, feeling and belief,the result can be changed. we can convert the HELL TO HEAVEN"


Shri B.V.Chauhan's Gujarati Audio Lecture 

       Mission : " Tap, Seva, Sumiran "

" Break Your Breakfast, Otherwise Breakfast Shall Break You Fast. "

Cooked vegetables is not less dangerous than meat.

Tea and coffee are more dangerous than meat and wine.



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